Clever and Consistent Club

You know that thing that you keep meaning to do, but never seem to have enough time?

What if we teamed up to get it D-O-N-E and off your plate?

If you are ready to focus on completing ONE of your goals next month, I can help.


What happens here:

I work with busy moms who are serious about achieving ONE specific goal each month.

The key is focused BABY steps + accountability with love <3.

That’s exactly what we do in The Clever and Consistent Club.

How it works:

Each month, the Clever and Consistent Club helps busy moms choose ONE goal, outline their baby steps, and make it happen in 3 weeks (we celebrate on the 4th week!).

By focusing on ONE goal each month, we make steady and focused progress.

AND….we have a $ecret to making it happen, (so keep reading)!

Ever take on too much?

As a mom, you only have so many hours in the day.

Imagine how great you will feel to organize that closet, make the meal plan, or grow your blog.

Whatever your goal is, together we can get one important project off your to-do list each month.

Would this help you?

Inside the Clever and Consistent Club, you will be:

MOTIVATED with our quick morning videos to inspire you to take action,

ENCOURAGED with 21 daily emails to keep you on track

FOCUSED with our beautiful action sheets

and most importantly…

ACCOUNTABLE with love and understanding in our a fun community of clever moms!

We help you find the baby steps to take action – even with limited time.

And….. there’s that REBATE thing:

I am serious about wanting YOU to reach your goal next month without making life CRA-ZY to get there.

You can join The Clever and Consistent Club as a founding member for $27/month

Monthly members in our Clever and Consistent Club can actually earn $10 cash rebates when they reach their goal each month!

Why would I give our members rebates?

Because YOU have value – even with goals about meal planning, exercise, organizing, starting a blog – YOU are elevating your family’s quality of life. That is priceless!

Ready to join us??


If you are super busy…..

I totally get that life happens, but together we are going to help you find the balance that works for YOUR life.

By breaking down your goals into quick steps, you can check off your progress each day AND take a day off to rest each week!

What moms are saying about The Clever & Consistent Club:
“I did another baby step! I monetized 3 more blog posts. I am so excited! I am finally getting there. It is something I have been wanting to do for a long time. I am finally doing it! I appreciate your encouragement to get it going and go on our own pace!” – Jessica from

Imagine how wonderful you will feel in 3 months, when you have reached THREE of your goals? SIX of your goals by fall? TWELVE of your goals in a year??

That would be wonderful, right? *insert dreamy sigh here*

We are starting our next 3-week focus goal session soon, and we would love for you to join us!

Reserve one of the limited 50 founding member spots to lock in the lowest price.

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